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Your home is the most expensive item you will buy in your life time, and it needs maintaining. Most of us can pick up and use a paintbrush or even maybe hang some wallpaper, but there are limits to our skills. One of the main problems that we can not deal with are problems we can not see, like drains and when these block, a drainage expert is required.

A problem with the drainage system of your home may be arise due to a number of reason including ground movement, a collapsed pipe, tree roots or just age eroding the old drains. This is especially noticeable in many older properties. The easiest solution to such a problem is calling an expert drain repair company who use CCTV drain inspection equipment and can detect the cause fast and respond to the repair with speed.

A blocked drain may be avoided by taking care of what you let go down your drains or when you buy a house enlisting the help of a drain expert to carry out a survey on the existing drains. This precaution is essential in our opinion, when buying aproperty of over 50 years old, but also a new build may have its problems and you should always carry out a drain survey as part of a purchase. At Drain Care & Repair, we can carry out a full and comprehensive drain survey to ensure you have a good idea of any future drain problems.

CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV drain surveys involve putting in a small CCTV camera into your drains system to expose any problems that we cannot see above ground. These surveys can be used as part of a preventative maintenance program or to detect existing problems without digging or upheaval. CCTV surveys of drains, pipes, and sewers provides a precise method to find a problem and help establish a cost effective repair.

A CCTV drain survey is carried out by our drain engineer with many years experience with very little disturbance but allows us to quickly rapidly establish the problems. A CCTV survey requires placing a camera into the your sewer and making a recording of what is found and enable us pinpoint the troublesome area without the need for costly experimental excavations.

Like the rest of our products, at Drain Care & Repair (Sewage Treatment Oxfordshire), we will always give you the best possible value for money job. We will always give competitive prices and never let our work fall below our high standards regardless of the style or size.


Plumbing & Drainage Quality Contractors Ltd Plumbing & Drainage Quality Contractors Ltd Plumbing & Drainage Quality Contractors Ltd Plumbing & Drainage Quality Contractors Ltd
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